Book Two: Katabasis
Posted February 15, 2024 at 11:49 pm

Thank you everyone who waited during the hiatus (a hiatus prompted by postgraduate studies RIP)! I'm excited to announce that Book Two is DROPPING SOON!!

The tentative date is at the end of this month, as soon as I settle down from travelling for a book tour and Lunar New Year family / birthday* shenanigans. Book Two is going to be a wild one, and will be the start of all the ambitious visual and narrative promises I hinted at in Book One. It will be a slow, one page a week update until I get my bearings.
*it's also my birthday today :p (Feb 15)

In the meantime, Book One: The Hero's Journey is completed and available to read for free (look back on this archive!!), or for a price in PDF and deluxe hardcover in English and French.

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