Welcome to the Resources section of the 21st century Alexander Romance.

Author’s Notes (link)

I describe my thoughts behind each chapter of the graphic novel. Each note begins with a summary, followed by a discussion on my research, and my narrative and artistic choices.

Author’s Research (on Airtable) (coming soon)

A database that links academic articles, books and websites in my bibliography to almost every decision made for my Alexander Romance. Before you dive into the Airtable, please read this primer.

General Information About the Alexander Romance (link)

A simple summary about the Alexander Romance and who this guy is.

Set Pieces of the Alexander Romance (link)

A handbook that describes the main legends of the Alexander Romance. It’s not intended for academic use; only as an introduction.

Twitter Thread (link)

Live documentation of my process writing, illustrating and publishing Alexander, The Servant & The Water of Life, since 2019.

More Detailed Behind the Scenes (link)

Videos, photographs and detailed insight of the process creating this graphic novel.

Recommendations (link)

Books and websites I’d recommend for newcomers to the real and legendary lives of Alexander the Great.


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