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Books and journals are expensive. While I try to use as many reliable free and open-source information as I can, often this is not possible. You may sponsor a book, article or visual reference from my wishlist in the link here.

Partnership & Collaboration.

I am actively looking to connect with educators, museums, scholars and creative allies both inside and outside of comics. I’m eager to contribute to efforts to diversify Classics, create accessible and engaging material for the public, encourage the use of digital collections for creative projects, and talk about graphic storytelling, graphic history, visual literacy and the craft of writing and drawing.

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Sharing the work with your friends, family, colleague etc is the best kind of free support! Whether it’s in the form of a tweet, a blog post, a Goodreads review (we have a page!), or a kind comment, these words go a long way towards making a creative work successful. If nothing else, they brighten up my day. (Fun fact: I keep nice comments and fanart in a special folder)

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