Chapter Eight 195-196
Posted April 28, 2024 at 3:06 pm

It has been awhile, hasn't it?

Ok, look, I'm still treading water. My energy has been sucked to the bone as I juggle my Masters, my dayjob and my life essentially - trapping me in this weird liminal space where I am NOT burned out on writing and drawing, but with no time or juice to work on it.

While I cannot guarantee if I can make a consistent update (btw I have two assignments to produce), I will at least try. TRY!!!


Anyway, it took me a long while to crack the opening of this Book. I always knew it had to be meta, that it had to open with a story that wasn't exactly the main thread of Alexander on his quest. I tried on a few versions.

In the end I decide to go extremely meta, laying bare my process to the reader, reminding you that everything that is written and drawn here came from a specific person and a series of steps that normally you don't see in the final product (very valuable nowadays what with the robots and stuff). You may recognise some of the notes and sketches from the Concept Art Book, which you can buy in the store. ;)

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