Chapter Five 085-086
Posted January 11, 2022 at 11:58 pm

Happy 2022!! I am back... fashionably a week later. I went all in on my vacation and didn't draw any pages at all during it. So haha, yeah anyway, no regrets.


Charioteer of Delphi - a bronze statue of a chariot racer and his outfit.

The ancient Olympic Games featured events like disk throwing, long jump, javelin throwing, chariot-racing (two and four horses), wrestling, boxing, and wrestling-boxing.  I referenced several pottery art for the little figures on the left page.

So what the racers are doing here is that they are drawing lots for lane placement. It's not specified what receptacle they use to keep lots in.

And to note, for the pedantic, on the most egregious error of who gets to be a chariot racer - I know!! I'm just adapting what the Alexander Romance says. The entire point of this chapter and the last is... well, you have to see for yourself.



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