Chapter Five 093-094
Posted February 1, 2022 at 3:22 am

Whew, finally! Sorry for the week's delay - this sequence was hell to sketch. Colouring is much better and way funner, but it's actually a lot of work despite the apparent simplicity of the style.

Content warning for the next remaining pages in this art style: there will be some horses getting injured and falling over. It's not violent (no blood, no bones).


Here a bronze eagle is raised (representing Zeus, patron of the games) to signal the official start of the race. I have no idea how exactly the eagle is raised in this Alexander Romance version of the games - it could be a mechanism or a person.

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  2. Primary source Pausanias
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The eagle staff-bearer is accompanied by a salpinx player. A salpinx is a long trumpet and it sounds something like this.



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