Chapter Five 109-110
Posted March 1, 2022 at 11:24 pm

To be clear I don't plan to be 'uwahh conquerer desu' to Alexander ever. So see this illustration the same way you'd see a Cold War propanganda poster.


Alexander and Buchephalus are drawn a la the famous Alexander Mosaic in Pompeii that almost every visual adaptation of this man's life has to pay homage to.

The animals at the corners are each relevant symbols of Alexander's kingship. He was often portrayed in coins wearing a lion or elephant's head (the former referring to his ancestry to Heracles and the latter to his temporary conquest of India), or with ram's horns (as the son of god). The auroch is a feature of Babylonian art.

The soldiers at the bottom pretty much express the same thing as the animals, just more blatant.

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