Chapter One 019-020
Posted July 21, 2021 at 12:05 am

Heylo! Chapter One is finally here – in honour of Alexander's birthday. Happy being 2377 years old, you skeleton.

Caption: a drawing of me and Alexander's friends reenacting that Happy Birthday Yzma bit from the Emperor's New Groove.


Nizami Ganjavi, Sikandar Nama - Canto XIV, Lines 40 to 51, reinterpreted in my own words (with consultant's aid) from the English translation by H. Wilberforce Clarke.

The backdrop is my take on the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, which would have been a tourist attraction located near the palace compound... if it was actually in Babylon. I like to believe that at least a less impressive, less 'hanging' version of it may have existed in the palace or elsewhere in the capital, since Mesopotamian kings had been known to keep palace gardens (in other residences, including the most likely location of the Hanging Gardens). Anyway, the garden in Babylon is another one of those ambiguous things, like a few details in Alexander's history, that are neither confirmed or disputed. And whew, this comic is going to feature a lot of ambiguity.



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