Chapter Two 033-034
Posted August 18, 2021 at 12:05 am

We're going on an adventure!! Alexander seems eager to get outta town, though it looks like nobody else wants him to leave...


References/inspiration for the design of the gate:

  1. The Ishtar Gate at the Permagon Museum in Berlin. (which also lent itself to the blue frame behind the right page panels)
  2. The Adad Gate in Niveneh.

Reference for the umbrella/parasol: Bas relief of King at the Palace of Xerxes

The Macedonian soldier's outfits: Painting of the Tomb of Argios Athanasios

The Persian soldier's outfits: Archers at Permagon Museum.

Alexander's travel outfit, which I had designed a long time ago in 2019 and barely changed since (only adding the embroidery of the cloak and removing the shield). Here are my original notes for the outfit.
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