Chapter Two 037-038
Posted August 18, 2021 at 12:05 am

The Author's Notes for Chapter Two are now available, if you're interested in the process behind the writing and the art.


Chapter Three will launch on September 14th/15th. I'm currently working on the remastering of The Carpet Merchant of Konstantiniyya Volume 2 and the art edits of another graphic novel – two projects I would have been alright juggling with Alexander Comic if I wasn't

1) aging into my late twenties and slowly losing my tolerance for Too Much Work

2) dealing with the stresses of the planet.

Fortunately Alexander operates on a "my comic my rules XDD" basis so I'm gonna bounce for a bit.

Anyway I need the time to build a buffer and to keep working in the pace that benefits the amount of research and artsy experimentation this story requires.

See you in September gang. Stay spooky.

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Euaí (εὐαί) - a cry of joy

Kleos - Ancient Greek concept of reputation, legacy and glory. The deeds you are known for, and what you leave behind in this world. I didn't translate it since it contains a meaning beyond "glory" that I plan to explore later, in particular its reference to the medium in which these deeds are told (story and song).
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