Prologue 011-012
Posted June 10, 2021 at 9:10 pm


Left page of Alexander discovering the Water of Life in the Land of Darkness, with the prophets Khidr and Ilyas - LACMA, M.73.5.590

This extremely specific pinterest board on medieval paintbrushes and workspaces

Randy Asplund (a fellow artist) who does living history and creates his own tools and processes based on research in medieval illumination

Another artist gave a go at making their own medieval brushes

Materials: Making a Medieval Manuscript, from an exhibition by Vanderblit University

Skull with lapis lazuli in their teeth is discovered to be a female scribe

"One thousand years ago, a woman in a convent in northern Germany licked her paintbrush to draw the bristles into a fine point, and some of the pigment sealed into the plaque on her teeth. Now, archaeologists have discovered that the color came from lapis lazuli, a blue stone from half a world away. The finding suggests this anonymous middle-aged woman was likely a skilled painter tasked with creating high-quality illuminated manuscripts of religious texts—the first time a medieval artist has been identified from their skeleton alone, and further evidence that women copied and painted books in medieval Europe."



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