Original Prologue Transcript

King of Many Faces and Many Names

Now, my friends, tell me:

have you, with your two eyes and two ears and one mouth, ever known a figure such that the world had never seen before
and never will again?

You may know him by one of his many faces and many names…

Zulkarnian, Alisaunder, Alexandri, Sikander…

He who travelled to the end of the world,
beyond the reach of all known wisdom.
He who ascended to heaven
and was called down by the angels.
He who descended into the ocean
and saw all the wonders of the deep.
He who was a son of man
son of god
son of nobody.
He who destroyed
and he who rebuilt.

He, who travelled to the water of life…
Brought to life

Hush now, my friends, and listen.

I’m only an heir
of a legacy, 2000 years young.
A protege of the poets and the artists
of many gods, and the one God,
from lands east and west.
Many-voices tongued and many-colours handed,
we weavers of wonder, recount
the many lives
    and many deeds
        of this man of monies.

Hush now, and listen closely,
to my story among stories,
of the king of many faces and many names…

Of Alexander the Great.


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